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Have a stump on your property that is a safety hazard and an eyesore? Grinding a stump is the safest and most effective method of removal, and it causes the least amount of damage to your property. We survey the area to ensure there are no underground obstacles, such as utilities, sprinkler systems, or dog fencing. Then we use modern equipment to quickly reduce the stump to a pile of soil and woodchips, and we recommend grinding the root flare and trace roots, as well. We will also offer to clean the debris and install topsoil, grass seed, and straw in the stump’s place to improve the appearance of your lawn


We use a small loader to remove woodchips from the work area so that space can be repurposed. We offer two options for woodchip cleanup:

Hauling away the stump grindings to be recycled and reused for other purposes
Recycling and reusing the grindings on your property for mulch
We can bring in new topsoil, level and grade the area, and seed or install sod. Another option is to add a new planting or tree.

Commercial Tree Services in Herndon, VA(844) 844-2303

GOOD TO KNOW: As a component of our extensive grounds maintenance program, Herndon Tree Services offers our clients a full range of professional tree care. Our certified arborists have the local knowledge to care for the specific needs of the variety of trees in Herndon. It’s part of our one-stop portfolio of grounds maintenance services, including irrigation installation and maintenance, designed for community-minded companies to maintain beautiful and healthy landscapes. We offer Other services include:
Tree Removals
Tree Stump Grinding
Storm Damage
Emergency Services


We provide thorough reports and unbiased consultations when we assess your tree and arboricultural needs.
Our vast experience in tree management ensures that our professionals can provide accurately and informed feedback on a variety of tree matters:

Appraisals for tree damage from vehicles or vandalism
Inspection and prevention of equipment damage near tree root systems
Evaluations of hazardous trees
Tree inventories
Herndon Tree Services in Herndon provides tree service consulting throughout the Herndon area

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